Pony Girl

Ottawa, Canada

Pony Girl

Pony Girl are masters of artpop, invigorating stages with a prismatic sound that’s all their own. Hailed for their “evocative soundscapes” (CBC Radio), “ability to push the boundaries that define pop-rock” (Mixtape Magazine), and “musical depth quite astonishing to experience in person” (Exclaim!), Pony Girl is a rare gem worth uncovering.

Enny One Wil Love You (2022), the Ottawa-Hull band’s Paper Bag Records debut, holds a mirror to our negative cycles for an album that’s as alluring as self-sabotage. The album received a record-high six nominations for Capital Music Awards and won the awards for Single of the Year and Video of the Year (“Age of Anxious”).

Laff It Off (2023), Pony Girl’s sophomore album for Paper Bag Records casts the warm light of golden hour onto their artpop, guiding characters who are floating towards hope. Laff It Off urges you to let go, a playful departure from the shade of its sister album Enny One Wil Love You.

Pony Girl is a kaleidoscope of pop unlike any other, turning everyday life into mesmerizing melodies, rock and electronic production. In true indie fashion, the Ottawa-Hull collective self-released their first two records Show Me Your Fears (2013) and Foreign Life (2015) before signing with Paper Bag Records to unveil two new records. They went on to receive Le Prix FEQ emerging artist award in 2016 for their musicality and stagecraft—and it shows. Multi-genre and multi-faceted, Pony Girl will command your adoration.